Friday, May 20, 2011

KitchenAid Flex Edge Beater

KitchenAid has launched the new Flex Edge Beater. It’s a coated, flat beater designed with a silicone edge to scrape the sides of the bowl and mix simultaneously. The Flex Edge Beater eliminates the need to stop the mixer and scrape the bowl manually, saving you time and energy.
4.5 Quart Flex Edge Beater

While the only size currently available is for the 4.5 and 5-quart, tilt-head mixers, KitchenAid will have a Flex Edge Beater for the 5.5 and 6-quart bowl lift models available for purchase in the near future.

Other companies have developed beaters with silicone edges imitating the KitchenAid beater. WARNING: The use of an imitation beater will void the warranty on your KitchenAid Mixer. Genuine Flex Edge Beaters by KitchenAid are available on our Web site.

Has anyone used this beater yet? How did you like it? If you don't have one will you be likely to buy one in the future?

Happy Baking!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Canning Equipment Repair Needs

Have you ever brought home or harvested a Bushel (or two) of apples with the intention of making applesauce as soon as you got home and pulled out grandmas old Victorio 200 Food Strainer, only to discover that the there are a few repairs that need to be done before you can actually use it?

It seems this is the story of my life. I get a wonderful idea only to discover a small detail is holding me back, such as a broken or missing piece. Until I get the repair part I am stuck and my wonderful idea is put on hold until further notice or I have to come up with a different idea so the apples don’t go bad.

With this tragic possibility in mind I post the following thought:

Get you canning equipment out now before you need to use it! Test the gauge on the pressure cooker, check the seals and gaskets. Test your food strainer, make sure the seals and screens are still good and that you still have all the parts. That way you are ready to process and preserve when the produce is ripe.

If you are in the neighborhood bring your pressure canner over to our store and we’ll test the gauge for free. If you need a new part for your canner we’ll install it for you.

If you are not living in the vicinity call your local Cooperative Extension Office and find out if they test pressure canner gauges; some do and some don’t. If no one in you area tests gauges you can send the canner lid to us and we will test it and ship it back to you.

Testing the gauge on your pressure cooker is really important for food safety. Gauge’s ware out over time and loose there accuracy. If your gauge is reading high then you could be at risk of under processing your food causing it to go bad or worse making anyone who eats it very sick.

If the gasket on your canner is stiff, cracked or it’s falling out of your lid then it’s time for a new one. Worn out gaskets can prevent the canner from sealing and then your canner won’t get up to pressure. Find the model number on your canner and then order the gasket online. If you are unsure about your gasket, give us a call, we are happy to answer your questions.

If something does need to be replaced, like a vent pipe, overpressure plug, or gauge don’t panic. Most parts that need to be replaced on canning equipment are pretty self explanatory and very easy to install on your own. If you’re really having trouble installing it yourself, call us and we will walk you though it.

Have you got you canning equipment out yet? Have you ever had the gauge tested on your pressure cooker? Post your thoughts and questions below.