Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tip Tuesday

Problem:  Front Tires Sagging, Bowing In on a Power Wheels

One of the common questions we get from our Power Wheels customers is how to fix the front alignment on the Power Wheels vehicles.  If there is too much weight in the vehicle the front end parts can become damaged.  In most cases if the front wheels are bowed in or sagging your steering linkage assembly is getting ready to let go.

There are several things that can cause this issue, mainly exceeding the weight limit of the vehicle.  The front end of the Power Wheels vehicle includes 2 front axles, a cross bar and a steering linkage.  The 2 front axles slide through the plastic brackets which are riveted to the steering linkage.  When these rivets become loose, or if any of the parts become bent the alignment of the vehicle will become damaged.

You will want to remove the battery from the vehicle and tilt the vehicle up.  Carefully inspect the front end parts.  The first thing to check will be the axles, these should be in a "L" shape and have a right angle.  These run through a plastic bracket which is riveted to a long metal bar that runs between the two front wheels.  Check to see if the rivets are loose, the brackets are damaged or cracked or if the long bar is bent.  Next you will want to check the crossbar which is a long metal bar that runs between the wheels and hooks onto the axles, make sure this bar is not bents.  The last part that you will need to check will be the wheels, depending on how long the front wheels have been bowing in/sagging out the wheels may have become damaged.

Here is a link to the parts you may need to replace:

Front Axle:  http://www.mendingshed.com/pwfrontaxle.html
Steering Linkages & Crossbars:  http://www.mendingshed.com/steerlinkage.html
Tires:  http://www.mendingshed.com/pwtires.html

Remember you will need to purchase one Push Nut Retainer Cap (Axle Cap) for each one you remove.

If you have any questions, or if you need help finding the correct parts call us with your model number and we will be happy to help.

The Mending Shed
Repair Team

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tip Tuesday

Problem:  Power Wheels Tires worn or cracked

Power Wheels vehicles are the No. 1 battery-powered ride-on vehicles for children.  With over 25 million sold and over 100 models these vehicles all have one thing in common: Big plastic wheels.

Because the wheels are plastic, they tend to lose traction causing the vehicle to slip and wearing out the wheels more quickly.  

Here are a few suggestions so your tires will last just a bit longer:

  • Drive the vehicle on generally level ground only
  • Use on grass, asphalt and other hard surfaces only
  • Teach your child to stop the vehicle before switching directions
  • Rotate the tires: swap the front with the back so the wheels wear evenly
  • Teach your children not to allow the wheels to spin if they run into an object (use reverse if they run into something)

  • While donuts, power slides and drifting may be fun, this will also very quickly cause significant wear on the tires.

Beware of traction bands, or other solutions that tell you to put rubber around the plastic tire.  Traction bands do improve traction, and reduce the wear on the wheels, however they can void the product warranty and pose both safety and reliability issues.  Your vehicle has a patented, electronic braking system that automatically stops the vehicle when your child's foot lifts from the pedal, when your have traction bands on the wheel this causes a lot of stress on the motor and gearbox, and will greatly decrease the life of the motor.

The truth of the story is, tires are tires and they are going to wear.  Use these tips and you should get several fun years out of your Power Wheels tires.

Remember here at The Mending Shed, we are an Authorized Service Center for Power Wheels, and can help you with all of your repair or warranty needs.

If you need wheels visit the tire page on our website:  http://www.mendingshed.com/pwtires.html

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